What is the EmpowerMe Initiative?

Introducing EmpowerMe to roll out in 2024, the dynamic initiative spearheaded by Mofi Clothing to inspire and uplift young boys, nurturing their confidence and unlocking their boundless potential. We invite you to join forces with us in this noble endeavor as we strive to cultivate a brighter future for our youth.

Do you know any boys who could benefit from a confidence boost?

Opportunities for involvement

  • Parents and Caregivers

    We are seeking partnerships with parents and caregivers through collaboration and online communities. We offer resources and guidance to support their journey in fostering confidence and capable power in their children.

  • Activities and Programming

    “EmpowerME” offers a variety of engaging activities and programs, including educational workshops, interactive fashion shows, mentorship programs, and more, all designed to instill confidence, promote self-esteem, and encourage self-expression among boys of all backgrounds and body types.

  • Collaborators and Partnerships

    We are seeking collaborations with like-minded organizations, schools, and community centers to amplify our impact. Together, we collaborate on initiatives and events that empower boys to discover and embrace their strengths.

  • Empowering Organizations

    We are reaching out to organizations committed to empowering young individuals. Through partnerships, we co-create initiatives that promote self-confidence and capable power among boys.

  • General Public and Individuals

    We are seeking partnerships with individuals interested in empowering boys through social media and online platforms. We share inspiring content and opportunities for involvement to encourage support and participation.

  • Online Platforms and Forums

    We aim to cultivate a supportive online community through engaging content and discussions. We share stories and resources to inspire boys on their journey to confidence and capable power.